Back on Track

Would you like to be more active outdoors? Do you want to meet like-minded women? Fancy a new challenge and gain confidence? You’re in the right place!

Welcome to the good vibe tribe!

Nestled within the woodlands on the 48-acre Birtley Estate in Bramley, Guildford this Woodland Art Space is an ideal setting to relax, unwind and feel part of nature. Being in the outdoors is good for both our physical and mental health and when surrounded by the flora and fauna of the woodlands you can’t help but feel happy and energised.

As a woman in today’s society it is often our children and careers which take up the bulk of our time. Whilst we wouldn’t trade in our kiddies for the world, and our jobs pay the bills, sometimes we sacrifice our physical and mental health in the process. Sometimes we don’t even know we are doing it!

If you’ve had enough of putting your needs and wishes last, how would you feel if there was a community of women who are using exercise and adventure in the outdoors to reach their own personal goals?

Whether you want to feel fitter and stronger, enjoy more time outdoors, improve your confidence or simply get your groove back, there’s a friendly community of supportive women ready and waiting to help! Better yet, they’re doing it guilt free.

Come rain or shine, our troop of like-minded women are supporting each other through all of our challenges. From getting your outdoor fix whilst running, feel that bursts of endorphins during our adventure fit-camps, or joining us for a fun social paddle boarding down the river, we are becoming more energetic and healthier, whilst meeting new friends and putting our physical and mental well-being first.

Now is your time to challenge yourself and do something for YOU. Why wait until next month or next year to change how you feel? Get booked into one of our classes, nutrition workshops or join our running groups now and go at your own pace to create a confident and healthy you!

I started the strength classes in January and have so enjoyed getting stronger, fitter and more confident. Simone is a great coach, sessions are always fun, and she and the rest of the group so supportive and encouraging. Can’t wait to literally continue to go from strength to strength!
Strength Class